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About Us


Jose Nonato came to the United States with 50 pesos, a vision, and a work ethic. That vision is alive and well in the form of Nonato Ceramics, a ceramics arts studio located near Downtown Los Angeles which employs multiple craftspeople and artisans.

As a third-generation ceramic artist from Mexico City, ceramics are Jose’s heritage. He came to Los Angeles in the late 90s and, after making models and molds for many other companies, he started his own company in 2001. 

His admiration and respect for the early artisans of the historic California tile era inspired a deep passion for tile making. Along with original designs, Nonato Ceramics specializes in restoration and reproduction of tile and pottery in the styles of Ernest Batchelder, Malibu Potteries, Catalina Potteries, and many more. 

Nonato Ceramics has produced tile and installations for many homes and other buildings, including historically protected properties. Our extensive knowledge of the early California era allows us to work with designers, developers, and preservation societies to maintain period accuracy and offer beautiful detail to remodels and new developments. 

Come on down to the studio and let Jose talk to you about your next kitchen remodel, your restored tile mural, or a new fountain for your front yard and while we’re at it, we can even show you how the tile is crafted. Let’s make something beautiful!

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